Are you Planning to Migrate from Adobe Business Catalyst?

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
15 January 2021
Are you planning to migrate sites?

With the Adobe Business Catalyst End of Life just around the corner’ - on the 26th September, to be exact - you have some sites that you need to migrate from Business Catalyst.

It can be a daunting decision, and we understand the pressure to find a reliable alternative that will offer you everything that Business Catalyst has offered you - and more!

Business Catalyst has been the go-to for many Digital Agencies - with built in marketing tools and dedicated ecommerce features, ease of use is what has attracted users.

The truth is that technology has evolved since the traditional Content Management System (CMS) was created and many platforms have not kept pace with the ever-increasing Customer Experience (CX) demands.

While Business Catalyst offered far more than any other platform of its time, it also had limitations that often had a huge impact on winning projects or profitability.

Migrate to Siteglide

Siteglide removes the traditional software limitations via a Headless API-driven architecture to empower Digital Agencies to build without limitations. At Siteglide, we give you the tools from an easy-to-use interface. There’s no monthly mandatory maintenance and no risk of losing plugins.

At Siteglide, we leverage the power of Business Catalyst Founder Adam Broadway’s platformOS to enable you to build far more than just websites and instead deliver scalable Digital Experiences.

With Siteglide’s Site Importer tool you can not only migrate a Business Catalyst site in minutes, but you will also be able to supercharge the value that you offer to your client. While your site is being imported, the tool optimises assets including images, javascripts and css files, and automatically hosts them on a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure high end site performance and SEO improvements. You can almost instantly demonstrate page speed loads and Siteglide admin functionality to your client.

We don’t just build a copy of Business Catalyst - instead, by imagining the very core of the Business Catalyst platform, we continually incorporate new best practice and industry leading technologies so that you can deliver these benefits to your clients.

Siteglide Modules
Modules are no longer static boltons to a site. Instead, they are built using an all new and improved architecture that allows you to link items with any other Modules or WebApps using data sources, as well as being able to add custom fields to any module, providing maximum flexibility.

Siteglide Categories
At its core, Categories are significantly improved, with the ability to view items categorised as well the ability to add custom fields.  You can now use categories for anything on a site from blog post tags, event segments, product catalogues, image gallery collections and more.

Siteglide WebApps
WebApps have additional field types such as multi-select datasources, custom array fields and multi-select dropdown menus. In addition, you can now create groups of custom fields that can be added to webapps at the click of a button, rather than manually adding many of the same fields to multiple webapps.

Siteglide Public API + Zapier
Connect to any and all data on a site to external platforms and tools so that both your team and your clients can manage data and nurture leads more effectively. Checkout our Zapier app to find out more:

Siteglide Page Editor & Studio
Present your clients with a preview of the page you have created so that they can manage page content via point and click, without looking at scary code. Integrate Studio by Siteglide on top to efficiently build out best practice drag and drop wireframes, streamlining development and providing a higher level of customisation to your customers.

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