Preparing For Adobe Business Catalyst EOL

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
14 September 2021
Preparing for Adobe Business Catalyst EOL main

These past few years have been unpredictable and have thrown many plans into the air, with Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) announcing their End of Life and with COVID-19 throwing a spanner into the works.

Everyone is racing to get their business online and racing to migrate their sites to keep these safe and secure.

2021 has been the year of learning new platforms and prioritising quick solutions more than ever.

With BC closing in less than 12 days, we understand the stresses that you’re experiencing and it’s now the final boarding time for the migration flights.

Let’s kick this off, here is how we can help you:

Must-Have Features Coming This Month

Our developers have some tricks up their sleeves in helping you with migrating any last-minute data, and adding those finishing touches to your migrations.

Orders and Cases Import Tools

We have importing and exporting features in many places across Siteglide, but there are a few areas yet to be enhanced by this.

Introducing Order CSV Import / Export:

Import your Orders and keep history for your eCommerce sites, putting your client’s minds at ease.

No need to say goodbye to this data, or store this elsewhere.

Import these directly to Siteglide and your clients can carry on running their eCommerce stores with no interruptions.

Introducing Form Cases Import / Export:

Form submissions are important in meeting your clients, learning more about how you can help them, and helping them along their journey with you.

We understand this, and we want you to keep your CRM data-heavy with everything you need to optimize your engagement and marketing efforts with your clients.

No need to lose this history of past user interactions.

Import these directly to Siteglide and keep that rich history for your clients to carry on doing what they do best.

Attributes Import Tools & Inventory

Attribute CSV Import / Export:

Along with being able to import hundreds of products seamlessly, soon you can import their associated attributes in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

No need to manually create these for every single product; what a headache!

Keep your attributes’ CSVs nearby, and get ready to take hours off your workload.

Attribute Inventory:

With this upcoming release of inventory, you’ll be able to apply inventory controls to your attributes.

Enhance your attributes with the ability to output inventory, check inventory before purchasing, and hide those no longer in stock.

Custom Payment Flows

It’s time to open up eCommerce.

With already powerful and flexible functionality within eCommerce, you can achieve incredible results.

We’re opening up the payment processing and validation flow.

For those of you waiting for wholesale pricing, or the ability for customers to use a balance from a CRM custom field, this is for you.

Customise your own payment flows, alter final prices, update custom fields and more will be made so much simpler to achieve.

BC Rescue Package

With less than 12 days left until BC EOL, it’s understandable that you may be scrambling for time, or need an extra hand in getting your last sites migrated.

Meet your new best friend: SiteGurus Rescue Package 🚑 (nearly at full capacity!)

Move your sites as quickly as possible before BC EOL with the option to upgrade and improve later.

Receive a free website export from BC, a data export from BC (containing all of the data you need to hit the ground running), and a free import to Siteglide

What happens after this import?

You can choose to have a fully responsive landing page featuring your branding and content built for you or ensure this site is as functional as it can be in this short space of time without the need for a full rebuild.

Then, it’s time to go live. 

New Pricing Plans

Our introductory BC pricing plans are coming to an end on 27th September 2021!

Moving forward, our pricing comes down to 3 simple plans allowing for higher plan limits, cheaper Extras (overages) and something for every site, no matter the size.

Find out more here -

Come Back Next Month

Join us next month where we’ll look to the future after BC EOL.

Stay up to date with Siteglide this month by checking out our Youtube channel, Events, Live Articles, Feature Releases, Partner Forum and Social Media.

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