How To Migrate From Business Catalyst To Siteglide

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
09 February 2021
how to migrate from Business Catalyst

Did you know that Siteglide was born out of a Digital Agency that was running on Business Catalyst? It was after facing several limitations with the technology, and having to say ‘no’ to several clients, that Siteglide was built to remove those boundaries.

At Siteglide, we are not just building a copy of Business Catalyst but by re-imagining the very core of the BC platform we have ensured that we can continually incorporate new best practice and industry leading technologies so that you can in turn deliver these benefits to your clients.

One of our Agency Experts, WSIDOM had this to say about their experience of migrating to Siteglide:

“A good way to position yourself for the future and to stand out from your competitors with complete peace-of-mind. The migration from Adobe Business Catalyst directly to Siteglide is very easy”


Before we get started on how to migrate and the different methods we offer, let’s revisit the reasons why you should migrate to SIteglide:

  • We’re a G2 award-winning platform built for Digital Agencies. 
  • We leverage the power of Business Catalyst co-founder, Adam Broadyway’s, platformOS, which means you can build far more than just websites. 
  • Our Import Tool allows you to not only migrate Business Catalyst sites in minutes, but you can also supercharge the value you add to your clients.
  • Whilst your site is busy importing, the Import Tool optimises assets including images, javascript and css files automatically hosting them on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure a high-end site performance and SEO improvements


At Siteglide we have three common migration methods:

  1. Site Import Tool: migrate a site as is with minimal changes

  2. Studio: use Studio to future-proof design, code and functionality

  3. Bespoke: fully rebuild a site with all new design, code and functionality

Let’s have a look at these methods in a bit more detail:

Site Import Tool

Here you simply import the existing site and go live! You will still receive the benefits of page speed and SEO improvements but won’t have all the benefits of integrating with other Siteglide features.

  • Create a fresh site
  • Run static site import
  • Ensure that assets are applied as expected on your pages
  • Go live


Rather than starting from scratch, you can use the Studio library to build out the core-wireframe of your site and customise for Brand CI. You will also be able to utilise all of Siteglide’s features, maximising benefits to your clients, and delivering the best possible user-experience for their users.

  • Export your Business Catalyst site using BCExporter
  • Pick out your layouts in Figma
  • Customise Figma design and content
  • Create a site in the Portal
  • Upload assets
  • Create your pages
  • Build Menus and add Studio layouts
  • Build Forms and add Studio layouts
  • One click import your WebApps and Categories
  • Add and customise layouts
  • URL redirect import
  • Simple go live process


With bespoke you will have full control over design, structure and functionality. You will also be able to utilise all of Siteglide’s features.

  • You will need BCExporter zip
  • Create a site in the portal
  • Install or create a template
  • Upload images
  • Create pages
  • Build your menus and forms
  • One click import your WebApps and Categories
  • Create Custom Code
  • Create Layouts
  • URL Redirect import
  • Simple go live process


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