The Monthly Round Up - July

Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
06 August 2021
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Welcome to our monthly round-up for July.

This month we see the release of restoring deleted items, Category Import, UI improvements and more!

Let’s get started.

Restoring Deleted Items

Restoring deleted items

Uh oh. Just accidentally deleted your work?

Sometimes these things are out of control: you’ve clicked the wrong button, or maybe you’ve changed your mind.

Here at Siteglide, we’ve got your back!

With the new restore feature, you can restore most database items (except Users, Pages and Files) from the last 30 days, directly in Site Manager.

Category Import/Export

Category import and export tool

It’s here!

A well-known feature seen elsewhere in Siteglide has made its way to Categories.

With the Adobe BC migration time coming to a close in just over a month’s time: our hard-working developers have answered your request.

Import. Import. Import.

That’s right - simply download the Category import template, populate it with your data, and import. All in the same amount of time it could take to make a cup of tea, now isn’t that lovely.

Want to manage your Categories in bulk?

Hit that export button and edit in style (saying hello to you Excel and Sheets!👋)

UI Improvements

UI improvements

Let’s talk about the brand new Table Builder that has come into play.

Adding to and editing Module and WebApp data structures has been revolutionized.

With this new release, you can now reorder all custom fields and custom field sets while editing new or existing fields.

We have also improved the way you build custom data structures for WebApps & Modules, with a new easier to use UI now available across the board while being more flexible than ever. Structuring data to suit your needs has never been easier!

Clean, organised and efficient.

Module Item Rollback

Module item rollback

Onboard the DXP express, we care about your ability to build how you want, when you want.

With this release of item history in Modules, you can now view all changes to items within the last 7 days, and rollback to a previous version anytime you choose.

Check out a list of change dates, who made these changes, what was changed and so you can accurately choose which version you would like to rollback to.

Rollback is not yet available on more complex and bespoke modules such as, eCommerce, Menus, Secure Zones and Media Downloads. Keep an eye out for rollback being added to these in future!

Smaller Feature Releases

July has been a big month at Siteglide, and we have some smaller releases which we’re sure will improve your Siteglide quality of life.

  • You can now use Toolbox to output all of your assets from File Manager (be this PDFs, DOCs, CSVs, mp4s, or your standard image)
  • You can now use a toggle to hide your Pages from search engines! No code needed.

Come Back Next Month

We’ve got some upcoming releases that we’re excited to share with you!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

  • Affiliate programme (refer your clients and earn this way, no need to set up your billing and invoices)
  • New field types! (Number, Image Array, and Boolean)
  • Enhancements to Custom Reports
  • More import tools

Join us next month where we'll take a look at all the key releases from August.

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