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Siteglide Team
Siteglide Team
21 December 2020
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2020 was a year that no one could have expected - and with consumers forced to stay at home, and adjust their lifestyles, many businesses needed to adjust their strategies so that online became a core component of their business!

Digital Transformation was a hot topic before COVID19 but it’s now critical that businesses adapt and learn how to get the most out of technology. 2020 has been about adapting and ‘failing fast’, but more businesses will realise in 2021 that their outdated tech stack is holding them back and that they need their data connected across various platforms.

In a world where more and more needs to be done remotely, websites will be replaced by Digital Experiences where users interact with suppliers online. This is dependent on access to data. The Enterprise world expects this but in 2021 SME’s will be able to ‘catch up’ thanks to modern SaaS solutions such as Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs), such as Siteglide.

Given the turmoil that 2020 has brought, we're thrilled to share how much we've launched and achieved this year, and we couldn't have done any of it without the continuous support of our customers.


Siteglide wins in latest G2 report - Winter 2021

We are so proud of our Siteglide team and thankful to all our Partners, as we won twice this year in the Fall and Winter G2 reports!

In the latest winter report, we not only won the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Relationship Index category, but we were also a High Performer in the category for Web Content Management (WCM) for Small Business, and we received a total of 13 badges.

More than three million people, including businesses, professionals, buyers and investors visit G2 every month to read reviews, as rated by you, the users!


Studio by Siteglide - layout library

In September, we launched our exciting new platform, Studio by Siteglide a library where you can design beautiful Digital Experiences with little coding required.

Studio helps digital agencies save hundreds of hours of design and development while ensuring best practice results.

Many platforms only focus on the backend and leave agencies to all work independently on the front-end, whether it’s using templates, Bootstrap or custom development. By incorporating core design and coding principles into Siteglide, agencies can implement flexible, enterprise grade solutions in record time and with ease!  

Studio is free to use and is a big milestone for Siteglide as no other platform offers this combination of best practice design, code, performance, flexibility and support.


It’s been a busy year at Siteglide, with lots of exciting new features and functionalities introduced, which will all help you build User-First Digital Experiences!


  • A new billing system: Client Connect and Agency Direct managed through Stripe.
  • We introduced a Staging Expiring System to automate the website expiries for trials.


  • We introduced CLI Deploy and Export, to assist users managing sites.
  • Launched DNS to add and manage DNS settings on sites.
  • We introduced a Whitelabelling logo
  • Released template duplicate for page duplicates.


  • We added the ability to edit DNS
  • Introduced shipping and quoting for eCommerce
  • CSV management
  • Pagination Improvements, Speed and Performance, Datasource Performance improvement
  • We added duplication to pages to duplicate content without having to re-write.


  • The popular release of the Events Module - which has been updated since its launch with layouts and functionalities.
  • Added a discount code functionality for eCommerce.


  • We improved our admin User Interface (UI) - to speed up the way that admin operated, so that users are able to access results on pages they are looking at faster.
  • We added automatic generated HTML sitemaps so users do not have to manually trawl through sites and add pages
  • We also improved migration tools.


  • In June we released the media downloads module - allowing users to add dynamically secure content and lock it.
  • We added front-end forms in WebApp items, Site Usage and Subscriptions to show how much a website is using.
  • We improved User Experience on Code Editor.


  • We introduced the Business Catalyst Blog Module Import Tool, so that users can take an export via BC Exporter of the entire BC Blog Module and import it into Siteglide with just a few clicks.
  • We improved Secure Zone Sign up Performance, with sign up forms we reduced the amount of requests to ensure a slicker experience for clients when signing up to websites.
  • We had CSF Management on the CRM to add, edit and delete custom fields that have been attached to customers


  • We introduced secure WebApp items, an important release, specifically for users building online portals or membership areas
  • Ability to duplicate WebApp items along with vanity domains in the admin portal.


  • We allowed Module Item Duplication, bringing across some of the features and functionalities users have experienced on WebApps.
  • We had clearer eCommerce orders introduced, to see the breakdown of costs and where discount codes have been applied
  • We introduced Code Editor Icons to easily and intuitively create files and folders.
  • WebApp Location Search to generate location queries for customers that may want to find various things, such as locations of shops or hospitals, etc.
  • WebApp Item Owners to attach WebApp items to a single person and manage that content.
  • Siteglide won 10 badges in the Fall G2 report, and won the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for the Small Business category.


  • Secure Zone session control, to limit or control the amount of time it takes you to explore the current session of the user logged into the account.
  • eCommerce Product Attribute Management to add, edit or remove more easily on products.
  • We introduced PayPal as a third payment gateway so that customers can submit payment by the PayPal systems.


  • The ability to add custom fields to the CRM was introduced
  • Custom fields, location data and secure zones are now available for the Blogs, FAQs, Slider, Authors, Events and eCommerce modules.


  • Reporting for CRM users and Cases, being able to access and filter and export that data
  • FIle Manager enhancements, we have changed the way that File Manager works, now allowing for maximum control and flexibility
  • We have extra functionality for moving and accessing files
  • CRM users - view secure data a user has access to
  • WebApps - Custom Array Fields. Create interactive lists on the fly.


We have some big things planned for 2021 - here’s a sneak peek of our Siteglide roadmap.

  • User Roles - we will be introducing additional levels that will remove more technical features from client users
  • eCommerce BC “Parity” - we will be looking at any additional features needed to move sites over from Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) as soon as possible
  • CRM Companies - being able to connect clients by company and add information to companies
  • Time Zones - you'll be able to define site level timezones per site
  • Menu Builder Enhancements - User Experience (UX) improvements and more
  • Instance Copy and Marketplace Phase 1 - Duplicate existing sites and more
  • Studio UI for Global Variables - point-and-click control of variables
  • And more!

A big thank you to all who have supported Siteglide, and we wish you all a happy, and safe, holiday season.

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